Sunday, August 9 2020

Becoming Civic Leaders

Students 4SC provides students with resources to develop their capacity to become effective civic leaders who write persuasively, speak passionately, and actively participate in the creation and dissemination of ideas.


Writing Internship

A course and internship in one! Develop analytical and argumentative writing skills, write editorial pieces for our website, and share your thoughts and opinions on issues you care about.

Speaking Course

A course to develop persuasive speaking skills while you share your thoughts and opinions on issues you care about. Each week you submit a recorded speech after learning some aspect of persuasive speaking.

Middle School Digital Workshops

Leaders 4SC includes one-day and week-long workshops for middle school students on leadership, communication, decision-making, and advocacy. Our goal is to train the next generation of civic leaders: members of a community who actively participate in society.


July 11th 11am-3pm EST
July 18th 11am-3pm EST
Julyl 25th 11am-3pm EST
August 1st 11am-3pm EST


Writing Week 1: 7/6-7/10
Speaking Week 2: 7/13-7/17
Writing Week 3: 7/20-7/24
Speaking Week 4: 7/27-7/31

Join Our Student Council!

Become a leader within our organization to help us create new programs and perfect our existing ones!

Academy 4SC Videos

Check out our online video series of videos on various civics concepts from across the disciplines from cognitive biases and logical fallacies to major historical events and rhetoric.

Student Articles