Greek Life and Rape: A Tale as Old as Time

We Need to Break the Cycle The phrases “Sexual Assault” and “Greek Life” seem to show up together time and time again. This pattern is not a coincidence… organizations within Greek Life need to take a stand and change the behavior that continuously allows sexual assault to occur to their own members and those that […]

How College Admissions Has Been Changed Forever

The world of college admissions has been forever changed, after the scandal involving major Hollywood celebrities has come to light. This controversy includes wealthy business owners, and other famous people, bribing various officials involved in the college admissions process. Some also faked that their children were high level recruits in order to get them into […]

Need For Career Development Learning In College

Graduating from college is important for college students and obtaining a bachelor’s degree gives you an advantage over your peers. However, having the degree is entirely different than using the degree. Due to the overemphasis on obtaining a college degree, the application of said degree has been a discipline that has fallen by the wayside. […]

Trump To Rescind Affirmative Action: An Attack On Students Of Color

Trump’s Agenda The Trump administration is moving backwards to emulate former Bush-era policies regarding education and race. Trump rescinding Obama-era policies on diversity among colleges is an attack on not only his legacy, but all American schools. What This Means With Trump and his administration’s work to rollback these guidelines, students of color will have […]

Reducing Depression Among High School Students

In 2017, the Higher Education Research Institute reported that “half of all incoming college freshman feel depressed in their senior years of high school.” Based on this trend, high schools need to do a better job of alleviating stress on high school seniors. Senior year of high school can be one of the most exciting […]

“International”: The Plight of the Domestic Foreign Student

After spending copious hours perfecting their college application, hopeful applicants of the Class of 2018 finally received their admissions decisions in late March.  As the college application process for this year finishes off for high school seniors across America, these seniors are faced with the decision that will change their life forever. With competition only […]