Disenfranchisement As A Punishment Makes Our Society Less Democratic

Introduction The 2000 United States Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore saw Bush winning the Presidency by the smallest of margins. The election came down to Florida, where Bush won only 537 more votes than Gore. Whenever elections come down to such a close finish, questions of democratic legitimacy will always arise. […]

Secularism for Canada’s Government: The Canadian Charter Bill

Religious tension has recently become an increasingly pressing issue for the Canadian province of Quebec, and it’s starting to mix with politics. The most recent development in religion’s role in Quebec government and society comes with an election held Monday to determine the province’s next Premier (in Canada, Premier is a position similar to governor in the United […]

Dollar Democracy: Supreme Court Ruling Pumps Cash into Politics

There are a lot of things that money can’t buy: happiness, family, love.  Political power, however, has always been up for sale.  From the vote buying days of Boss Tweed to the lobbying efforts of today’s corporations, those with money have had a louder voice in the arena of democracy, often at the expense of […]