The Downfall of Truth in America Becomes Apparent in a Time of Crisis

On May 26, Twitter took a bold move. The popular social media site started to flag President Trump’s tweets for false, misleading, and dangerous claims. The President, an avid user of Twitter, consistently employs the platform to diffuse his views, thoughts, and emotions to his followers, averaging about 29 tweets per day. The President’s statements, […]

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Local News Gone?

We have an extinction crisis on our hands. Of course, I’m aware that many species of wildlife have been dying out for years, but I’m not talking about animals here. I’m referring to the ongoing epidemic of the disappearance of bipartisan local news stations. Just like a big game hunter, Sinclair news, an ultra-conservative news […]

Trump’s Attacks on the Press Spell Danger for Democracy

Fake News as a Presidential Weapon In jam-packed stadiums across the country, where campaign rallies continue a year and a half after the election, President Trump and his supporters choose from a plethora of fan-favorite rallying cries. “Lock her up.” “Build the wall.” “Drain the swamp.” But perhaps the most dangerous chant is one Trump […]