Economic Impact of Immigration

As the daughter of a first-generation immigrant, my parents, along with many others, are living proof that the immigration system affects many lives. According to the Pew Research Center, Immigrants in the U.S. make up 13.6% of the U.S. population and yet are still seen as threats. America is full of opportunities, which is solely […]

Undocumented Immigrants Should Be Supported During The Pandemic

Overview Congress passed a coronavirus response bill to help with the emergency relief from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, undocumented immigrants are left out of the bill. Although some may not want to send aid to undocumented immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to support them because they are overrepresented as essential workers and […]

ICE Should Not Have The Authority To Separate Families

What Has Been Happening As of 2019, there have been numerous ICE raids targeting illegal immigrants. The immigrants took up poorly paid jobs and hoped for a better future for their family. Undocumented families hide constantly from immigration authorities in fear of deportation. Recently, there was an ICE Raid on the Mississippi food processing plants which […]

What Is Happening At The Inhumane Detention Centers At The Southern Border?

The contentious issue of the United States has left many U.S. citizens feeling divided. There are hundreds of thousands of migrants that are trying to come to the United States, in search of a better life. This mass amount of people has overwhelmed the border, making it near impossible to control. In the last few […]

It’s Time To Melt The ICE Raids

“Everybody is scared. Yesterday my business was too slow. Today my business is too slow too because everybody is looking for ICE.” These are the words of Reverend Juan Carlos Ruiz from the Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. Recently in cities with a high foreign-born population, the US Immigration and […]

ICE’s Action Of Raiding The Immigrants Is Absolutely Wrong

US immigration authorities had begun to conduct raids against undocumented immigrants. This administration, ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement), is targeting newly arrived immigrants, which left many of the new arrivals frightened. Also, the newcomers are now living with fear because they don’t know when ICE will arrive and arrest them. ICE’s raids are extremely unjust because they’re […]

Migrant Children Are Still Being Separated

Immigrants in America America is known as a place of freedom, a place where people from all over the world come to live. However, the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, has made the process for illegal immigrants, people who may be fleeing their country for multiple reasons and cannot afford to come […]

Zero Tolerance Policy- What Should Be Done?

Introduction According to CNN news, current president Donald Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ is to prosecute anyone who enters or re-enters to the United States. This would mean that immigrant children are to be separated from their parents at the border regardless of how they come (legally or illegally) here.  Trump’s policy derived from two former […]

Misunderstanding Immigration Law: Why Abolishing ICE Is A Step Too Far

Introduction In a stunning upset, Democratic primary candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated 14-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th district primary. Ocasio-Cortez’s platform consisted of many progressive policies such as Medicare-For-All and free public college. However, one of her bolder ideas was to abolish ICE.  With the idea being thrust into mainstream discussion, it’s important […]

The Tragedy At The U.S./Mexico Border Is A Human Rights Issue: What To Know

Many seem to be shocked at what has been happening at the border: the inhumane practice of taking children from their parents. However, this is just a symptom of what the Trump Administration is doing to migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. What we need to know Many right-wing supporters of Trump and his administration […]