The Normalization of Islamophobia in America

What is Islamophobia? Islamophobia is any unfounded prejudice toward Muslims and their religion. These broad, false judgements target regular American people. Islamophobes’ views usually stem from one-sided news coverage and a lack of real world experiences. Islamophobia has been dividing our country for decades now, and its negative effect is appalling. For example, many Muslim […]

On Islam

Unfortunately, Pakistan is often associated with “Islamic” extremist groups. I’m sure you are all familiar with names such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. You have probably seen and heard about the despicable and inhuman actions ISIS is doing to try and gain land in Iraq and Syria and the terror group’s bizarre and simply […]

Anti-Muslim PEGIDA Protests: An Artifact of Germany’s Past

Since October, there have been weekly marches by a group called Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident, also known as PEGIDA, increasing racism against Muslim citizens seeking asylum in Germany. Since the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre, the marches have gotten stronger in number, making the problem much more obvious. The major problem is […]