Words vs. Actions: Why Donald Trump Is NOT “Putin’s Puppet”

After meeting with Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit, Donald Trump returned to the US to be greeted by the hornet’s nest of media reporters and politicians condemning him for his statements denying Russian interference in US elections. Former CIA director John Brennan lambasted Trump claiming that his statements were “Nothing short of treasonous”. But […]

Russia’s Campaign To Undermine American Democracy is Strengthened By Trump

Intelligence Community On Russia Threat After the 2016 presidential election, Russia was determined to be a threat to voter integrity in the United States by our national intelligence community. Specifically, Russia has been trying to interfere with our democratic process by attempting to hack voting systems across local, state, and federal levels and spreading false information to […]

The Only Way to Draw the Puppet Show’s Curtains: Vote!

The Helsinki Summit Explained On July 16, 2018, President Trump rounded off his European sojourn with a clandestine meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. Through personal diplomacy, President Trump hoped to reform broken relations with one of the world’s nuclear power holders and discuss solutions over global issues such as Syria, Crimea, […]