How Free Palestine Aligns with Black Lives Matter and Builds Solidarity

The Rise of Social Change Despite the COVID-19 pandemic locking most people indoors, there has been an explosion of social movements from the start to the end of quarantine, beginning with the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, protests against police brutality, LGBTQ+ advocates, and social media activism. But one of the newest and most shocking […]

Technology Is Important for Social Change and Education

Technology and Its Impact Throughout the years, advancements in technology have skyrocketed and opened so many doors to new possibilities. Since the creation of the internet prototype in the 1960s, technology has evolved exponentially and life has consequently evolved with it. According to the Washington Post, in 1984, only 8 percent of households had a […]

The Essential Role of Social Media in the Black Lives Matter Movement Today

Social Media and Social Change  In the midst of the global COVID19 pandemic, citizens everywhere have turned to social media to connect with people virtually, while in-person contact is not permitted. As the Black Lives Matter movement has taken off after recent events, Black Lives Matters has become a prominent topic on social media platforms. […]