Fast Fashion: To Wear or Not to Wear

As I walk into just another store in the mall, it seems to have a luxurious sense. Music that belongs on a catwalk is blaring. The ambiance is overall upscale. Now imagine this: On the other side of the world, a nine-year-old in a sweatshop is enduring poor and unsafe conditions while creating the same […]

Climate Activists Must Fight For System Change And Individual Change

Often, when one first considers making a change and joining the growing environmental movement, one’s first instinct is to consider their own carbon footprint, choices, and lifestyle. This train of thought can lead to a decrease in plastic usage, eating less meat, or choosing to travel differently. Although this kind of lifestyle change is important, […]

Elitism In The Sustainable Fashion Industry

Fast Fashion and the Climate Crisis Climate change was responsible for a quarter of all deaths in 2012. The anthropogenic increase of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions have grown over 30% since the industrial revolution and are a product of modern manufacturing and processing methods. The climate crisis will only increase in coming years […]