The Effects Of Social Media On Teens’ Mental Health

Introduction 20 years ago, it definitely wasn’t normal to see a teen carrying a smartphone around seemingly 24/7, constantly checking their various social media accounts. Nowadays, social media seems to be an important part of the average teenager’s life. Thousands of teens are currently involved in popular platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. The […]

The Dangers of Tik Tok’s Glorification of Unhealthy Eating Habits

TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past 6 months, as people all over the world are using the app to creatively express themselves and connect with others. However, there is a lot of content on the app that promotes unhealthy relationships with food that can trigger someone who has suffered or is suffering with an […]

Technology Is Important for Social Change and Education

Technology and Its Impact Throughout the years, advancements in technology have skyrocketed and opened so many doors to new possibilities. Since the creation of the internet prototype in the 1960s, technology has evolved exponentially and life has consequently evolved with it. According to the Washington Post, in 1984, only 8 percent of households had a […]

Technology the Only Way to Solve California’s Drought?

In the past 6 months, California has experienced a severe drought. One so severe it is looking to surpass any precedent levels.  As of April 8th, not one part of California was not in a drought. Most people don’t really imagine our country having a drought. They see it as something old such as the […]