Flint: The City That Didn’t Deserve Water

In August of 2014, a city of about 98,000 fell into crisis regarding the most basic tasks; drinking, cooking, and bathing became a challenge. The city of Flint, Michigan was robbed of clean water due to a myriad of issues that all built up to a genuine crisis, causing sickness among its citizens. The short story is that […]

United States’ Water Infrastructure: A Sleeping Giant

Benjamin Franklin told us “When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” Soon, the United States may truly know the worth of its water. The aging, compromised water infrastructure and the resulting leakage may be the worst security threat that the United States faces. Age Takes its Toll Why are the United […]

Technology the Only Way to Solve California’s Drought?

In the past 6 months, California has experienced a severe drought. One so severe it is looking to surpass any precedent levels.  As of April 8th, not one part of California was not in a drought. Most people don’t really imagine our country having a drought. They see it as something old such as the […]