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There has been a school shooting in Marysville, WA. It seems the shooting began around 10:45am and ambulances and police were reported to be on the scene. The suspected shooter has been reported to be dead and it seems no other fatalities have been reported so far, though some suspect there are two more. There have been several injuries.

Police are not revealing the identity of the shooter, but one student claims he spoke to the suspected student that morning and the student had just suffered a break-up and had racial slurs directed towards him during a fight.

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School shootings have become part of life in the United States and that’s a scary reality to live with. People have refused to take action for too long to stop these shootings, and who knows what it will take for that to change. Congress refuses to take action in any way, whether that be better gun control or better mental health initiatives. Schools also need to take action to work harder against bullying and to reinforce that getting help is not a hard or negative thing.

We can’t keep losing students to events like this. Keep these students who have gone through an extremely difficult day in your thoughts and prayers tonight.

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