The ‘Great Resignation’ Is A Good Thing

You’ve probably heard of the Great Resignation. In just 2021, 47 million people quit their jobs, and millions continue to quit each month. But people aren’t quitting because they’re lazy or they don’t want to work, they’re quitting because they are taking back their life from jobs that don’t respect them. So let’s talk about […]

Why governments should invest in Public Transport

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Seminars Program Despite concerns of expense, local governments should construct more public transport. It helps social mobility, helps the local economy and it reduces pollution. Public transport is a form of transport which can be used by a member of the public. Public transport includes: Buses, Light […]

Solar Power > Coal

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. Solar power is superior to coal because it doesn’t damage the environment, is renewable, and doesn’t create bad working environments. Some people say that the transition will cost people their jobs, but these are bad jobs, and the pros far outweigh the cons. Solar […]

The Economic Recovery From Covid

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. The economic recovery will take longer than 3 years because when COVID-19 comes back in the fall, the economy will crash again and everybody will stay inside. Some people would say that Trump said that the economy will be fully recovered in the fall. […]

Pandemic Policymaking: An Opportunity For UBI Supporters

Universal Basic Income Universal basic income (UBI) is an economic policy that guarantees each governed citizen a periodic sum of money, no strings attached. Unlike other types of social security, every person can receive UBI benefits regardless of factors like employment status or income. Most recently, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang used his platform […]

The Importance of a Universal Basic Income

INTRODUCTION Lorena Schneehagen, a preschool teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who is currently employed, says that the ending of the federal government’s assistance the week of July 27th due to the COVID-19 pandemic will hit her and her family extremely hard. She states that that extra money each week has helped with paying for food […]

Congress Needs to Extend the Federal Unemployment Relief Plan

The Original Plan In order to manage the spike in unemployment due to COVID-19, the federal government granted an additional $600 per week to unemployed Americans. This $600 is in addition to a usually meager weekly amount provided by state unemployment services. Over the last few months, this additional money has been incredibly helpful to […]

The Impact of the Coronavirus

Did you know that the coronavirus is affecting people in many ways? I will be talking about one main impact, the economic impact. The coronavirus is affecting people economically in a negative way because people are losing jobs, places are losing money and people are having to pay more money. Would you really want this […]

The Senate Needs to Pass “The Heroes Act” to Protect Essential Workers

Essential workers: the ones who provide health care and check out customers in grocery stores. The ones who serve as janitors, firefighters, and postal workers. The ones who, of recently, have been quarreled with, shot, and killed for urging civilians to follow safety regulations. In the US, the danger essential workers face from Covid-19 has […]

Shift Local: Tackling America’s Food Deserts

What Is A Food Desert? A food desert is an area, typically urban or rural, that lacks access to affordable, fresh, and nutritious food. The USDA defines a food desert as “low-income and low-access” when a large number of people live more than a mile from the closest supermarket in urban areas, or more than […]