Hybrid Argumentative Writing Internship:
Learn Editorial-Style Writing

Part-time Internship/Course For All Students

This program is an opportunity to learn how to write editorial (op-ed) pieces that put forth arguments about important social issues you feel passionate about.

Course & Internship

The course includes weekly lessons to help you develop the skills necessary for writing argumentative, editorial-style pieces.

Each lesson includes:

  • Written Lectures explaining one key aspect of argumentative writing
  • Article Assignments that allow you apply the skills discussed in the lecture
  • Publishing Your Writing on our site and social media platforms.


This program can be completed on your own time from your own device. 

Editors will provide timely feedback on your topic proposal, outline, and article and will be available through chat and email for questions. 

Weekly office hours available by appointment

This program is extremely flexible and is designed to be completed concurrently with other responsibilities. 


  • Language: English (Spanish coming soon)
  • Age: Any! We cater writing feedback to your ability, and have worked with students as young as 10 all the way up to mid-career individuals. 
  • Location: Anywhere! 
  • Materials: Have a computer/tablet with access to reliable Internet
  • Commitment: The program is designed to be completed concurrently with summer school, employment, and/or other personal and family responsibilities. Please let us know if we can make it more accessible for your individual needs.

Key Dates and Location

  • Rolling Deadline: May-July 2022
  • Program Cost: Free
  • Earliest Start Date: May 15th 
  • Latest Start Date: July 15th
  • Length: ~8 weeks
  • Location: All Online 


  • Become a stronger writer and be better equipped to handle college writing
  • Have all your articles published on our site and the chance to get published on others
  • Get a certificate of completion and letter of recommendation
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals, and
  • Spread awareness about current events


Hybrid Writing Course Application 2022

Hybrid Writing Course Application 2022


Maximum file size: 102.4MB