The Urgent Need for Youth Representation

Why do we need Youth representation in government? Now more than ever, there are many huge questions facing our country, and often, it feels like there are no good answers. But there may be a place where we can find answers: young people. Now, you may think, “Why do we even need people younger than […]

Red Light On Free Speech, Green Light on Tyranny

Recently, three schools outside of Syracuse, New York banned Halloween costumes referencing the Netflix show Squid Game because of their “potentially violent message”. This isn’t even the first time. Schools have been censoring “violence” in pop culture since pop culture was a thing. Before, it was the Scream mask and Freddy Krueger. Now, it is […]

U.S. Foster Care System Overwhelmed By Pandemic

Projected Surge In Demand For Foster Care The U.S. foster care system is already stressed by the coronavirus recession. Yet, the economic hardships caused by the pandemic may lead to even more children entering foster care as unemployment, poverty, and homelessness increase. Since the lack of financial security during a recession disincentivizes potential foster parents, […]

Why School Should Be Changed

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. While some people may say that school is fine as it is, I believe that we should be teaching students fundamental life skills, and change the curriculum to fit things that are beneficial to learn for the future so that teens can be more […]

Why Girls Should Be Allowed to Play the Same Sports as Boys

This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp. Although some people believe that girls shouldn’t be able to have the right to play the same sports as boys and they shouldn’t have equal rights, girls are just the same as boys and they are able to learn the same sports that boys […]

Child Sex Trafficking: The Federal Prosecutions Continue to Plunge

Introduction Despite the fact that Jeffrey Epstein, an American financier, is being prosecuted for child-sex trafficking in a high-profile case and the problem is being talked about in the media much more, the federal prosecution of child-sex traffickers has actually gone down 26.7% in the last year alone. The United States Department of Justice defines […]

Abuse: Animal and Child Abuse

Every living thing can get abused- even dogs, cats, and humans. You might think abuse rates are going down, but they’re actually going up, and we can prevent it. Dog Abuse Abuse can happen anywhere: at home, at school, and other places (The Dodo). A dog was found in the wild, starving and looking dead. […]

Gun Violence: A Rising Epidemic That Needs to be Abolished

Introduction Gun violence should be stopped in the world because schools are never safe and secure; the students are always frightened of school shooters and the wives of intimate partners are always in fear. They are keeping their mouths shut, thinking one day they’re going to die at the hands of the husbands and marginalized […]

Protecting Innocent Children: Abolishing Child Slavery

Many of us enjoy buying food and clothing for cheaper prices, without caring for how those goods are produced. However, we should also think about how the manufacturing of these goods affects the lives of others. Child slavery and labor is widespread across the world, and although the rates have dropped from about 30% of […]

When Teachers Strike, Students Suffer

The Price of Knowledge As the old adage goes, knowledge is priceless, but public school districts across the country seem to think differently. Educators in states all over America are on strike or are considering it for several reasons, one of which being inadequate pay. In Denver, Colorado, teacher walkouts were triggered after failure to negotiate […]