When Teachers Strike, Students Suffer

The Price of Knowledge As the old adage goes, knowledge is priceless, but public school districts across the country seem to think differently. Educators in states all over America are on strike or are considering it for several reasons, one of which being inadequate pay. In Denver, Colorado, teacher walkouts were triggered after failure to negotiate […]

Need For Career Development Learning In College

Graduating from college is important for college students and obtaining a bachelor’s degree gives you an advantage over your peers. However, having the degree is entirely different than using the degree. Due to the overemphasis on obtaining a college degree, the application of said degree has been a discipline that has fallen by the wayside. […]

We’re Doing Creativity Wrong

True Creativity We live in a world where creativity can be defined by a test and determined by a score. We can just take a simple exam and find out if we’re “creative enough”. We box education and send cookie-cutter children labeled “creative” out of the system and into the real world. Some test said, “the public’s ‘creativity quotient’ has steadily crept […]

Follow In NYU’s Footsteps And Give Free Tuition

Big Things Are Happening Medicine is a highly coveted profession. It’s one of the most highly paid, highly demanded, and highly trained. It is also one of the hardest to gain due to the difficulty of schooling and the ridiculous education expenses. People who somehow make it through the rigor of med school often pursue higher […]

Cost Of Education: For-Profit Schools Swindle Students

Neither a borrower nor lender be. Although Shakespeare’s advice is 400 years old, it resonates now more than ever with today’s consumers drowning in debt. In a recent trend that is both dangerous and disturbing, regulations are being removed that were specifically designed to protect students and hold for-profit colleges accountable. What is a for-profit […]

School Closings In Chicago Break Up Communities And Exacerbate Violence

End Of The Five Year Moratorium In 2013, more than 45 schools were closed in Chicago in an effort to reduce the $1 billion dollar deficit and the amount of depopulated schools. Many teachers were laid off and children from different communities had to travel further distances to attend school. As a result of the […]

Harvard’s Denial Of Asian American Applicants Is Based On Race

Introduction As Harvard is a well-known, prestigious university, it receives many applicants each year. With each college, certain factors are considered by the admissions process when reviewing applicants — not only are academics important, but Harvard has also sought to test an applicant’s personality, which many Asian Americans are currently claiming has led to a […]

Universities Are Ineffective At Handling Cases Of Sexual Assault

Introduction There is a lack of transparency between universities and students regarding allegations of sexual assault. Under the guise of phrases such as “we take this very seriously”, colleges and universities release statements concerning sexual assault allegations that often amount to meaningless words when effective and timely action is not taken. Lack Of Transparency Colleges […]

Education Is Important, Regardless Of The Demographic

The Issue For my whole life I attended one of the best public schools in the state. I grew up in a school where I didn’t have to worry about my safety. I always had access to laptops and school supplies. I never had to think about money or lack thereof. Sadly, many children across […]

Teaching To Test: Standardized Testing Is Hurting Children’s Education

We have often been told about how the public education system in America is failing. Government officials claim we have fallen behind other countries, mainly China, and that we need to establish special reforms, such as an increase in standardized testing to fix the problem. However, according to educators and education scientists, such reforms as […]