United 4 Social Change Mission

United 4 Social Change is a nonprofit startup that develops effective civic leaders who write persuasively, speak passionately, and actively participate in the creation and dissemination of ideas. The need for civic leaders (members of society who have the awareness, desire, and capacity to drive social change) is becoming apparent all over the world. People are either unable to see social ills, don’t appreciate the need for change, or don’t have the tools and skills to spur change.

This is why our work at U4SC has become ever crucial in making sure that everyone, and not just political and economic leaders, are participating in civic leadership. We do this through a three-pronged approach that corresponds to the three levels of problems outlined above. We enlight them about social issues, ignite the fire within them to care about social problems, and unite them to act towards social change.

Student Council Introduction

At United 4 Social Change (U4SC), our primary objectives are to educate students about critical social issues, while helping them find their voice so that they may grow into robust civic leaders across their diverse array of communities. We offer a wide range of programs that help students strengthen their writing and speaking skills, but we want to do more! That is why we are creating a student council comprised of high school students to act as advisors to the organization. 

This group of students will communicate monthly with U4SC’s Director of Programs. In communication with the Director of Programs, students will convey their ideas for how U4SC can improve.  Additionally, the research and feedback from the council will lead to growth at U4SC with new and improved programs. 

The United 4SC Student Council will be comprised of driven, hardworking, creative high school students who aspire to both further their development as civic leaders and impact the communities around them. We believe that it is essential to receive insight from students so that U4SC can further improve as an organization.

Why Join The Council?

There are numerous advantages to being involved in the U4SC student council. One of these advantages is the exposer to a national network. In this network, you will be collaborating with individuals, which will lead to exposure to new ways of thinking. Council Members will also see increased communication skills and invaluable teamwork skills. Perhaps above all, council members will be given the platform for making their ideas heard, both within U4SC operations and across our wide-reaching programs.


If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to our team (team,@united4sc.org).

Student Council Application
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The council is comprised of four Named Positions — President, Vice President, Secretary, and Recruiting Manager — who form the Student Council Executive Team. Each position requires a significant time commitment.

The majority of the council will be comprised of 12 students. There will be frequent communication between all named positions. All council members will serve for three month periods, and designated positions will serve for six month periods. When one’s term expires, they can reapply to maintain their position, or they have the option to leave their position. For one to become a named position, they first must serve a term as a council member before applying for a designated position.

For all members, there will be bi-monthly (twice a month) meeting/conference calls, coordinated by the Student Council Executive Team. It is expected that all members are present for each meeting, but student life can become busy, and it is understandable if a session is missed. If so, it is required for members to read over the notes taken by the secretary.


Responsibilities: The President of the council will be required to communicate effectively with the team [email protected]), concerning the ideas of the council. Being head of the council, the President will also ensure weekly progress on all agenda items, and when appropriate venture into research opportunities. Additionally, the President will meet monthly (through video chat or web call) with the Director of Programs to ensure the council is operating efficiently. The President will also have to draft an agenda for every meeting and lead the meetings. The president will also have to maintain and tend to all core programs of the council.

Requirements: The President of the council must be able to motivate council members to take action. They should have a very disciplined work ethic and have the ability to dedicate substantial amounts of time to United 4 Social Change’s cause.

Vice President

Responsibilities: The Vice President must be able to cooperate and divide work with the President on ensuring the progress of council programs (voting on policies, suggestions, serving as ambassadors, feedback, etc.) This also includes meetings where the Vice President will be given a few minutes at meetings to present their ideas. Additionally, the VP will be responsible for maintaining public relations. This includes maintaining communications and researching new connections with various organizations acting as a student ambassador for the company. The VP must be able to research new opportunities (courses, events, policies, etc.) that will help the council increase productivity and feedback. Furthermore, the Vice President must be able to fulfill the President’s responsibilities in their absence.

Requirements: The Vice President must be strong spoken and efficient with written communication and internet research. Additionally, the Vice President must have a consistent work ethic and will be expected to present at every meeting.


Responsibilities: The Secretary must record minutes (notes) at all council meetings, and upload minutes into the Google Drive. The Secretary will also take attendance at meetings, and perform other tasks as needed, primarily administrative duties.

Requirements: The Secretary must be present at every club meeting. They must also be extremely organized, proficient in Google Drive, and have a consistent work ethic.

Recruiting Manager

Responsibilities: The Recruiting Manager must recruit new members. Additionally, they must advertise interest for meetings by creating and sharing digital flyers and emails advertising U4SC. The Recruiting Manager will also ensure strong attendance at meetings, and remind council members when necessary.

Requirements: The Recruiting Manager should be sociable and an excellent communicator. They must also be consistent in performing tasks.

Council Member

Responsibilities: A council member of the U4SC will provide feedback and suggestions, vote on ideas and policies, and serve as ambassadors for the organization.

Requirements: To be a council member at U4SC, one should be sociable and an excellent communicator. Additionally, they must be able to collaborate and work well within a team. Council members should also be able to make meetings and have a consistent work ethic and time commitment.