The Urgent Need for Youth Representation

Why do we need Youth representation in government? Now more than ever, there are many huge questions facing our country, and often, it feels like there are no good answers. But there may be a place where we can find answers: young people. Now, you may think, “Why do we even need people younger than […]

Red Light On Free Speech, Green Light on Tyranny

Recently, three schools outside of Syracuse, New York banned Halloween costumes referencing the Netflix show Squid Game because of their “potentially violent message”. This isn’t even the first time. Schools have been censoring “violence” in pop culture since pop culture was a thing. Before, it was the Scream mask and Freddy Krueger. Now, it is […]

How Are Transgender People Suffering Dreadfully Due To Violence?

Transgender people should be protected by the justice system instead of being seen as a threat. The crimes against transgender people need to be recognized more and there needs to be helpful assistance to help stop the ongoing violence. Each Month Covers A Death Multiple transgender people have been killed each month in a year […]

C.O.D.: Death by Assimilation, the Dark History of Reservation Schools

Native Americans deserve reparations after years of their children being subjected to abuse, starvation, being stripped of their dignity and culture, and death. People from the other side of the spectrum may argue that while history can’t be erased, reparations will not prove to be of any assistance either. The grim history is more than […]

What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory?

Introduction Republicans want to ban critical race theory from being taught in public schools while Democrats want to use it to pass policies that further their agenda. But what is critical race theory? And should it be taught? While both sides have been quick to politicize it, critical race theory is an important subject due to […]

How Free Palestine Aligns with Black Lives Matter and Builds Solidarity

The Rise of Social Change Despite the COVID-19 pandemic locking most people indoors, there has been an explosion of social movements from the start to the end of quarantine, beginning with the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, protests against police brutality, LGBTQ+ advocates, and social media activism. But one of the newest and most shocking […]

Is The Ongoing Police Violence A Result of Improper Training Or By Intent?

Introduction All around the world, it is known that police are put in place to control crimes and protect citizens, but sometimes, they contribute to the demise of the very society they have been sent to protect. Such demise can be seen in the US in recent years; we have been seeing a lot of the […]

TikTok Is Racist Towards P.O.C.

TikTok is an app where you can make 15 second-3 minute videos. It used to be called Before it was called TikTok, only kids used to be on the app, but now there are teens and adults on the app. With there being grown people on the app, more political and social problems are […]

The Critical Race Theory Is Not A Direct Attack On You As An Individual

The Critical Race Theory, which has been used by sociologists, focuses on the racism that is embedded in institutions and systems that we as a society participate in. Lately, there has been an uproar about the CRT and whether it should be taught in school; some states have gone through with banning the discussion in […]

Extreme Weather Brings Light Towards Combating Homelessness

Introduction While many think that homelessness is rooted in modern-day problems, it commenced in America during the dawn of our new world. We can trace homelessness back to Colonial day America where beggars and outcasts were commonly found on the side of the road. Wars and revolutions then transpired, only causing the rates of homelessness […]