On November 9th, Germany marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by releasing thousands of helium balloons over their capital with notes attached. Around the world people are celebrating with shared memories of the fall of this iconic barrier that enclosed West Berlin from 1961 to 1989 during the Cold War. In addition to releasing balloons, artists in Germany have recreated the Wall with white balloons tracing along the path on which the structure once stood. The balloon path traced for about nine miles as a unifier between the past and present.

Parts of the Berlin Wall are scattered around the world in different cities as reminders of peace and evil to the world:

“Parts of the Wall are on display or in private safekeeping all over the world. One section of the Wall is in a men’s room of the Main Street Casino in Las Vegas, History.com reports. Urinals are mounted on the graffiti-covered segment, which is protected by glass. Another section is in the gardens of the Vatican. If you don’t feel like traveling to Italy or Vegas to see a part of the Wall, you can have your own little slice for as little as $10 on eBay. And you can consider that a steal; an 8,000-pound slab went for $23,500 at an Atlanta auction.” (USA TODAY)

Happy 25th Anniversary to the fall of the Wall!

[Image Attribute: Oren Rozen]