Yemen’s Situation

War-torn Yemen, the most impoverished country in the Middle East, is facing a crisis that many experts believe is currently the worst in the world. Even before its civil war, Yemen was in a weak state, with issues such as unemployment and hunger running rampant and half of its people living below the poverty line. In 2014, when Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, the president of Yemen, showed incapability to change the destitute lives of his people, the Houthi rebels took control of various government institutions in the capital, Sana’a. This has only worsened the situation in Yemen. The conflict between Yemen’s government and Houthi rebels has escalated since then, causing a humanitarian crisis that has completely ruined necessary public infrastructures, such as schools and hospitals. Over 20 million people lack basic supplies, including food and water. Despite this, citizens are not receiving fitting amounts of aid, and something must be done by countries such as America to help these people during their time of need.

The Issue

8.4 million people in Yemen are suffering from food shortage, which could lead to death. The reason for the drastic amount of people starving is because Yemen is a country surrounded mainly by the ocean, and it imports 90 percent of its food supply. The Houthi rebels have closed all of the seaports, meaning that it is nearly impossible for food to be delivered to the country, and as a result, food prices have risen over 35 percent in only the last year. As a country with many of its people living in poverty, you can see why this is such a large issue. 

Save The Children

Although most of the people in Yemen are currently helpless, the most vulnerable population is the younger one. It is estimated that about 85,000 children have died from malnutrition, which causes them to suffer greatly, as their bodily functions slowly come to a halt and completely stop. This is extremely painful, not only for the children themselves but also for the parents who have risked their lives to try to preserve the lives of their kids. Furthermore, almost 400,000 kids under the age of five are threatened by severe acute malnutrition, and 17.8 million people in Yemen are unsure of where their next meal is coming from. Children, instead of worrying about homework and school, are forced to worry about the fact that they have not eaten in a few days. Parents, who often have more than one child, are forced to worry about feeding their kids while ignoring the own gnawing pain in their stomach. All around, this situation is pitiful, and can be helped with the aid of the United States government and other countries around the world. 

Difficulties in Providing Aid

190,000 people have fled Yemen for its neighboring countries, but many are still living in shelters or crumbling homes within it. Many volunteer organizations are aware of this crisis but have come across many obstacles standing in the way of giving people the help that they need. For instance, in Taiz, the Houthi rebels have blockaded many parts of the city, which prevents many necessary medical supplies and equipment from being delivered. Most of the time, working in Yemen is even life-threatening. In October 2015, a bombing carried out by a Saudi Arabian coalition injured at least six people in a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders. Another hospital run by the same organization was attacked in January 2016, which killed four people, and is only one of the few of the incidents that have caused volunteer groups to feel wary towards working with citizens in Yemen. 

How To Help

The only way to stop the crisis completely is by urging and pressuring politicians to prioritize this conflict. You can sign a petition, letting Congress know that international aid is needed for the citizens of this country, many of whom are dependent on outside forces helping them. You can donate to Mercy Corps, an organization that has provided more than 3.7 million people with aid within only the last year. This conflict has escalated and has gone on for far too long, and has taken many of innocent lives in the worst way possible, and it is imperative that these children and families get the necessary relief and aid. 

Image Attribute: Pixabay