Even though guns in the wrong hands can hurt people, guns are helpful to defend against people trying to hurt you or others. However, people should have to be licensed to use a gun.

How Guns Can Save People Everyday

Guns can save countless lives each day. Guns have stopped people from breaking into homes and have also protected people (The Trace). One woman named Jan Cooper found intruders trying to break into her house. Jan Cooper fired her revolver and stopped the intruder. This is a good example on how guns can save you from intruders and save bystanders.

Guns Can Be Helpful in a Good Way

  Guns can be dangerous weapons, but “they can also help many people trying to defend themselves. In 2012, Samuel Willaim found two intruders and saved some bystanders by shooting his gun and incapacitating them”. (Daily Signal) Guns can save people, give so many others a happy future, and make people view guns differently.

Guns Can Be Helpful at the Right Time.

Guns have saved events from coming to a downfall. Guns can be placed into the wrong hands (Washington Times). On Jan 2013, at Prince Middle School, one of the students opened fire at other students, and one of the school’s guards disarmed him and took the gun.

Guns in the Wrong Hands Can Lead to Multiple Deaths

Guns can be used in the wrong hands. People sometimes bring guns to school.

“On 2018 Feb 14, At parkland school and a student killed 17 people and caused one of the biggest shootings in US History” (ABC news). This is how guns can get into the wrong hands and disrupt people’s lives horribly.


Guns are both helpful tools and deadly weapons which can either be used for good or bad. Guns can be helpful to fend off attackers. For example, if your baby is in the house and someone is breaking in with a gun, you can defend yourself and keep your baby safe. For a counter-example, on the news we hear of school shootings, gang violence,

and other shootings every day. Guns in the hands of the wrong people could get a lot of people hurt. That’s why there are laws for guns. But using guns the right way, by the right people, can save a lot of people from getting hurt.

Overall, guns are judged differently because of events like mass shootings, gang violence, and school shootings. But I think guns are good for helping people that are good.


Chinedum wrote this article to view how guns have changed in our world in the past decades. Chinedum likes playing with his siblings and with his friends. Chinedum likes doing different things like sports or games.