Even though people aren’t happy that Ariel got cast as a black woman for the live show. It’s good because she was never a person in real life, so her skin color doesn’t matter. Additionally, it shows diversity in Disney princesses. 

People are mad because they cast a black woman to play Ariel

     People are mad because a black woman is playing the role of Ariel. “However, it also prompted protests from some who were upset about the deviation from the animated characters image launching hashtags such as #NotMyAriel and #NotMyMermaid. “Scary Mommy” People are mad because they don’t like how the original animated character got changed. It impacts the community by telling other people that you can’t change the color of a Disney princess when you can.

 There is diversity shown in the Disney princess characters when they cast a black woman

      Casting a black woman for the role of Ariel shows that there is diversity and equality around Disney princesses.  This is the first time ever that Disney decided to cast a black woman for the role of a movie that originally was played by a white actress.”Washington Post” This is the first time that Disney decided to make the role of Ariel black instead of keeping her white, so that shows that Disney wants to show some diversity in their princesses. This impacts Disney by showing the diversity they have in Disney princesses.

It doesn’t matter what skin color she is

       It doesn’t matter if they cast a black woman to play the role of Ariel because technically Ariel didn’t even have a skin color. She was a Mermaid which is a fish. One of the producers said that it isn’t the appearance that matters. It is what’s inside.  So her skin color doesn’t matter. If the producer doesn’t think that the role needs to be white, then it doesn’t. It only matters on what’s inside. This impacts peoples opinions on how they think that the role of Ariel needs to be white. It might change their mind.  

#NotMyAriel is racist

         I think that #NotMyAriel is not equal or fair.  People are really mad that Disney cast a black woman for the show Ariel. If people get mad just because they cast a different race to play a part for Ariel, then that is excessive and unreasonable.  This impacts Disney because after they cast a black person for a “white” role and saw how mad people got, they might not do it again, which isn’t a good thing.

Naijaya is a middle school student, going into 7th grade. She enjoys writing and likes to talk about woman’s rights and equal treatment for women. She likes to dance and sing.