There are many mass genocides in the world. Although these are bad things, there is a solution. The U.S. should intervene with massacres worldwide using their military, because if it does, we can put various outside conflicts to an end. But, one bad thing is that violence would only make things worse. Even though the U.S sometimes messes things up, they should should intervene militarily because these conflicts can be stopped and peace can be restored.

Genocide in Sudan

Why should the U.S. should intervene with military in Sudan? In Sudan 101 people have been killed and 40 bodies were dragged out of the Nile (New York Times). Even more terrible acts have been done by the South Sudanese government against the Sudanese people. So, if the military would intervene we can defeat the government forces and create a new government for the Sudanese people.

Mass School Shootings

The police and military need to stop school shootings.  Many, many people have been barbarically killed and injured in school shootings, including teachers and students. Lorenzo Prado, a survivor of a school shooting says, “To let these victims’ lives be taken without any change in return is an act of treason to our great country.”(Fox News) The police and military need to help so people will be more prepared for school shootings, and so that they can stop these barbarians and capture them. So, in conclusion, if the police and military help there won’t be any successful shootings and there would be an end to that suffering.

 Terrible Genocides in South Africa

Our military needs to intervene in the terrible genocide in South Africa. When the king in South Africa was overthrown by Muslims, a war started with Muslims and Christains which has built up a great deal of hate, and as a result many people have died (Business Insider). Our military needs to intervene so that they can neutralize this war and that both sides can have time to calm down and reach a resolution. If our military intervenes we can end that war. 

The Counter Argument: Why America shouldn’t intervene

 Many people say that our military shouldn’t intervene with these things. Most of the time America messes up when they intervene with foreign affairs. If America interferes with these things it can cost a lot for our nation, as well as other nations (Washington Post). Additionally, America has spread its military wide enough. If America doesn’t intervene it will avoid the risk of loss of money, people, and its reputation as a powerful nation. Although these points may be true, it would be better to intervene rather than letting tons of people die.

In conclusion, there are many genocides in the world. Some are from Africa to Asia, while some are right here in our nation of America. But, no matter where they are, we should always try to help, even if it means violence.


Ilyes is a middle school student. Ilyes loves dinosaurs and soccer. He can also do Kung Fu. He also likes math and playing games like Kunker, Halo and Fifa.