Although some people believe refugees should not enter other countries, they deserve to be somewhere safe Refugees should be allowed to enter and live in any country because they are running for their lives and need a place to stay far away from the danger of their country. Also, refugees are good for the economy of that country. They aren’t dangerous and never have been; America itself was founded by immigrants.

Give Refugees A Home

We should give refugees (women, men, children, and the elderly) a home because they are trying to get away from wars and natural disasters happening in their homes. They are trying to find a place to survive. According to an article “-providing the most basic protection- is, in many cases, lifesaving,” (Brookings). This proves that it is a win-win situation because the country does not have to spend lots of money on helping these innocent people and the refugees can have a temporary home. 

Refugees Are Good For The Economy 

Refugees should be welcomed because they are good for our economy. People want to work a lot to have a life. When new families come to the towns, they can participate in the economy and increase the business. Young refugees can go to schools in the country they are in and then become professionals and find a job so that they can pay taxes to help the economy they are now part of. According to an article, the economist Hippolyte d’Albis said, “we have shown that historically it has not been a cost, and that if you do not welcome immigrants, the economy might be worse off.’” (Nature). This proves that refugees are good for the country’s economy. The country gets a better economy and the refugees get a good home.

Refugees: Dire Threat?

Some people who don’t want refugees in their country think that they could be dangerous. Some people think that refugees could carry diseases because of the conditions that they have been through. They could also have mental issues from the long trip and the impacts of losing their families, homes, and everything they had (Public Health Reviews ). And many innocent people are getting arrested from helping refugees (ABC News). Another reason why people think refugees are dangerous is because they look different, act differently, have a different religion, and do things differently from the people who live in the communities that the refugees are in. They think that the refugees are going to hurt them because they don’t know anything about them so they see them as a threat to their lives. However, if refugees did have any diseases or mental disorders, the country they are going to should help cure those diseases and help with the mental disorders. If we don’t help them, these problems will grow worse and worse. So, we should help give refugees a home and the medical care they need.


Refugees are people like you and me, but they lost everything including their home, probably some family members, schools, friends, and everything they cared about. According to the article, “People become refugees or displaced people for a number of reasons: They’re forced to flee persecution for their political or religious beliefs, ethnicity, nationality or membership of a particular social group. They’re compelled to leave as a result of war” (Oxfam). They are ready to do anything they can to fit in with the other people in the country. If people just get to know the refugees, they will see that they are just good people who just need some help to find good homes. The locals will learn about the refugees’ culture, language, and traditions. When we help community members get to know referees better, they’ll try to be friends and everyone can live peacefully. By knowing each other’s language, food, and traditions, communities will be able to get along and grow without senseless fighting.


Nick is in middle school and hopes to become an artist when he grows up.