This is a submission from our Leaders 4SC Middle School Camp.

Although most people absolutely love and care for animals, there are many people who kill animals for fun.  I think animals should be protected, live freely, and be left alone when they need to.  If you look at the numbers of animals being hunted each year, you will understand.  There are way too many animals dying.  Back in the 1900’s, it was okay, but now it needs to stop.

Animals need to be protected

I feel like animals need to be protected because many animals are dying in one day.  Animal groups have reduced from 100 to 10. There homes are being destroyed.  Hunters have killed more than 50 million animals in 1 year. This is an exceedingly high number, even for one year.  Animals are being killed in every country on the planet.  Animals need to be protected from hunters.  Some animals have been ambushed by eager hungers.  Many hunters will not stop until they kill what they wanted.  Some animals have gone endangered.  The hunt for animals has driven many animals into clear extinction.  It is awfully hard to keep these animals alive to research, nurse, and send them back into the wild.

Animals should live freely

I feel like animals should live freely instead of captured and put in zoos.  They are being forced to enter a big truck and shipped off to a zoo or circus.  Animals homes end up no matter what, even after they take the animals away from their home. There are many animals dying in captivity.  Sea World’s staff and circus performers are forcing animals to perform until they die.  They also do not care very much about the animals.  According to the data, animals would have better lives in the wild.  If animals were not captured for entertainment, they would live longer.  They can also raise a family.  The impact is that animals keep replacing each other.  When an animal dies of exhaustion, the zookeepers feed the animal to the carnivores of the zoo.  Then a team captures another animal from the wild to put in the zoo.                                                                                                   

Animals should be left alone

I think animals should be left alone.  Some people even keep wild animals as pets.  This will also hurt their social life.  About 500 people are killed by animals each year.  This means that a lot of people have been either ambushed or suddenly attacked by an animal.  these deaths probably belong to hunters.  According to the data, people are interacting with animals with no caution.  People have either started tackling an animal or petted the animal when it did not want to be petted.  Even though making friends with an animal could be fun, many people approach with absolutely no warning.  The impact is that animals have become protective and will not let anyone come close to them, even zookeepers.  Animals that are this protective may not be able to take any medicine.  This happens because the animal will get overprotective and may start attacking a person.

Hunting Benefits

 Some people believe there are benefits for hunting.  Hunting has been a sport for many generations.   There are also contests and championships in hunting, for who can kill the most animals in a limited time.  Many people hunt for money and trophies. Hunting could be a career and can be fun.  When you kill the most animals in a contest, you get cash or a big trophy.  Hunters kill animals to become rich.  The richest hunters, like Jim Shockey, live in big mansions on beautiful grounds.  Rich hunters can also buy new guns for killing more animals.  Money and trophies inspire more people to hunt.  As people have gotten richer from hunting so much, the quality of the prizes has gotten higher too.  More and more people have attended hunting competitions, and the amount of people shows that hunting is popular.


My conclusion is that even if you enjoy earning money in hunting, killing animals for fun is not the right thing to do. I believe that all creatures on this planet should not be killed for money or trophies. We all should respect each other, just like we should respect animals.

Written by Leaders 4SC 2020 Student, Kunal S.