Persuasive Speaking Course:
Learn Passionate Oratory

Online Public Speaking Course For Grade School Students

The course is centered around getting you to be able to deliver speeches that put forth arguments on some aspect of a social issue.

Course Structure

The program will include weekly lessons and quizzes to help you learn the skills required in effectively delivering persuasive speeches.

Each lesson will include:

  • Written Lectures where you learn one aspect of public speaking
  • Quick Practice Quizzes where you answer multiple choice questions
  • Speech Assignments where you record a speech each week

Asynchronous & Synchronous 

We have lessons, quizzes, and assignments that students can do on their own time. Students can join virtual meet-ups for feedback, mentoring, and discussion.

All speeches will be recorded on our site and go through an editing process where we provide you individual feedback on your delivery and help you work on the skills taught that week.

Meetings will be scheduled virtually at various times during the week to be the most accessible.

During this time students can share their work with each other and work one-on-one with instructors.


  • Language: English
  • Age: Under 16
  • Location: Anywhere!
  • Materials: Have a computer/tablet with access to reliable Internet
  • Commitment: The program is designed to be completed concurrently with summer school, employment, and/or other personal and family responsibilities. Please let us know if we can make it more accessible for your individual needs.

Key Dates and Location

  • Rolling Deadline: July 14th, 2020
  • Program Cost: $250 (financial aid available)
  • Earliest Start Date: April 15st 
  • Latest Start Date: July 15th
  • Length: ~8 weeks
  • Location: All Online


  • Become a confident speaker and be better equipped to handle public speaking
  • Have your speeches published on our channels
  • Get a certificate of completion and letter of recommendation
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals, and
  • Spread awareness about social issues


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