Climate Activists Must Fight For System Change And Individual Change

Often, when one first considers making a change and joining the growing environmental movement, one’s first instinct is to consider their own carbon footprint, choices, and lifestyle. This train of thought can lead to a decrease in plastic usage, eating less meat, or choosing to travel differently. Although this kind of lifestyle change is important, […]

Understanding the Impact Of U.S Carbon Footprint in Urban Settings

Climate Change in Our Community Climate change is the number one issue facing us today, yet we do not fully recognize the consequences of climate change and how to take it seriously. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a large majority of actively publishing climate scientists, around 97 percent, agree that individuals are creating global […]

Human Activities Causing Wildfires in Amazon Rainforest

The world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, has been undergoing a catastrophe in recent weeks. The Amazon rainforest is experiencing a major wildfire problem that spanned over 8 countries in South America, including Brazil. 10,000 new fires have started from Aug. 18 to Aug. 23 near the Brazil region. The Amazon rainforest is a big deal because it […]

Air Pollution: Pushing Us Towards One Last Breath

We all breathe. In fact, we don’t actively think when we breathe. The medulla, an area in the brain that is autonomic, controls breathing, cardiac functions, and digestion. If we had to actively think to breathe, we’d be in big trouble. Nevertheless, we are encountering a pandemic: air pollution. Air pollution causes seven million deaths […]