Everyone Needs To Wear A Mask To Protect Each Other From COVID-19

The pandemic that took over the world COVID-19 has taken the entire world by storm. The year 2020, which was filled with promise and hope for many as we entered a new decade, has turned to be something out of a horror movie. COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, is an illness caused by a […]

Seems Like America Has Forgotten About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Introduction In the weeks following the death of George Floyd, cities throughout America have erupted in mass protests. Protesting is, of course, a First Amendment right that we hold dear as Americans. It implies the gatherings of large groups of people in cities, generally to spread a message. However, these protests come at the time […]

The BLM Current Protests Are About More Than Just George Floyd’s Murder

America Experiences National Unrest Beginning on May 26th, the United States has seen widespread national unrest following the murder of 46-year-old George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The murder and lack of immediate actions ignited protests that are still continuing today, calling for substantial reform and justice for black lives that were victims of police brutality. […]

Black Lives Matter Movement Highlights First Amendment Violations

Introduction Throughout the past week, the Internet has surged with information and opinions surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. Social media activism is at an all-time high, with Instagram stories and Facebook feeds consisting of reposts of how everyone can assist in progressing this movement and elevating black voices. Perhaps you signed petitions, donated to […]

George Floyd Riots: Violence Is Not The Answer

Introduction Bitter news has shaken the world. An African-American man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer, who refused to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck even after hearing his pleas that he could not breathe. Floyd was unarmed. This racist and senseless murder has undoubtedly caused rampant outrage throughout America and […]

Hong Kong Police Is The Cause Of These Massive Protests

Protests and other demonstrations in Hong Kong have been causing major troubles for the citizens that live there and the economy itself to come to a standstill. But behind all this mess that’s going on in Hong Kong, there is a legitimate reason why these violent protests are happening- The police. They are the ones who created the trouble […]

The Power of Protests in a Digital Age

On January 19th, at the annual Washington DC march for women, I set foot in a different world. One blessed with the tolerance, support, empowerment, and development that today’s civic leaders are constantly fighting for.  Walking amongst fellow citizens that share similar hopes and aspirations for the gender equality movement as I, allowed me to […]

The Crimean Conflict: A Recipe for Disaster?

Background Crimea, a Black Sea peninsula, has a complicated history. Initially, Crimea was part of Russia, but in 1954, it became a part of Ukraine as Russia grew increasingly aggressive towards Crimea. Russia and Crimea have deep historical ties and Russian president, Vladimir Putin said in a recent speech, “Everything  in Crimea speaks of our […]

The Taiwanese Sunflower Movement – A Critical Point for Democracy

On March 17th, 2014, the Kuomingtang party, the political majority in Taiwan, forced a trade pact with China through the island’s government, overriding the Taiwanese Legislature in an executive action by President Ma Yingjeou. This action elicited public outcry because it is seen as a violation of democratic process. The following morning, hundreds of Taiwanese […]