Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela.

The process of learning is called education, a basic right of every person. Education is the light of life. It plays an important role in progress of any nation and leads them towards advancement of success. A nation is said to be strong with educated citizens. It is everyone desire to get educated, for only an educated person can only distinguish between good or bad. Only he can make a right decision for himself and for his country. Without education, life on earth is meaningless.


We all know the importance of education in our lives. Education leads us towards the stairs of success and it determines the real essence of the nation. Islam also emphasizes education for both genders. Islam laid great importance on education. According to Islam real essence of education is to “Know Allah” but in modern world we have lost this motto. We are preparing our children for the sake of money, not educating them to achieve the level of education that Islam has laid foundation. We are enrolling them into high standard schools for just social status only.

Students getting education from madrassas seem like aliens to us. They feel very shy to talk to a schoolboy. It is clear-cut that Islamic educations as well as modern education both are part of success. We can’t survive without modern education nowadays. It is also a fact that there are many great scholars who mastered in major science subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics etc. with the help of Holy Quran. We are very lucky that we have talented children but we are not providing them a better groom and space for their talent to become Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal, Newton and Einstein etc. The education system running today is not satisfactory. We have to find new ways to improve education between schools and madrassas.


“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.”

– Edward Everett


But we feel very sorry that we are spending more than 3% of our budget on education. A small light can’t remove the darkness of ignorance from our country. That’s why Pakistan is ranked at 113th number out of 120 registered UN members according to research conducted by UNESCO. Pakistan is amongst the countries that are going through many problems of education. There are many flaws in the current system of education that is needed to be resolved. In Pakistan, there is a shortage in the availability of quality education.

The main problem is inequality between public and private sectors of education. From last few years there is a lot of growth in private sectors that has developed a sense of discrimination among the students. The students of the private sector are more acknowledged than the students of Government schools. Technical education is also not given importance in our education policies. Ghost schools and untrained teachers are also creating many flaws in our education system. Education is never given much importance by the politicians and government. Today we have developed many schools, colleges and universities but we have failed to produce effective students.


It is also a dreadful fact that, today our youth has gained a goal of getting education only for acquiring jobs. “Education for education’s sake” has changed to “education for getting jobs”. If this situation keeps going on, then the educational goals of an entire nation will be out of our reach.


Now, it’s time to wake up. We can’t bear any further loss in this sector. Everyone has different opinions to bring change in society; let’s step forward to this. Special attention must be paid on scientific and technical education; English must be our medium to walk with others. We have to raise our standards to international standards. It’s time for change. Let’s pray to Allah Almighty to give us desire results in our efforts.


The different mediums of education are producing different classes in the society. They are creating huge gaps between the people of the great nation of Pakistan. We should spread awareness in the people that modern education is important as well as Islamic education. Government should take the initial steps to make a unique education system in Pakistan. The quality of education needs to improve. Professionally trained teachers should be hired in government schools, especially in the rural areas of the country.It is the Government’s duty to approve uniform curriculum for all institutions and then make sure that institutions must follow it. Uniform curriculum will be a bridge between the poor and the rich class and will eliminate the gap and unite them.

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