“Pro-Life”? Give Me a Break

Introduction Conservatives love to talk about being “pro-life.” By that, they mean that they are opposed to abortion (The partisan gap in views on this issue is wider than ever.) Republicans claim that abortion is murder. I strongly disagree with that view, but I respect their stance; people are free to disagree on controversial issues. […]

What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory?

Introduction Republicans want to ban critical race theory from being taught in public schools while Democrats want to use it to pass policies that further their agenda. But what is critical race theory? And should it be taught? While both sides have been quick to politicize it, critical race theory is an important subject due to […]

Trump Chooses Amy Coney Barrett For SCOTUS

The Selection After Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Supreme Court Justice notable for her feminist beliefs, passed away, Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace her. She currently serves as an appeals court judge in Chicago and was appointed to this position by President Trump in 2017. She is noted to be “as reliable a vote […]

Do NOT Vote Twice

Recent Events Recently, at an event in North Carolina and on Twitter, President Trump encouraged voters to test the integrity of the election by voting twice. Specifically, President Trump suggested that voters should vote via mail-in ballot and then also go vote at a polling station. He stated that “if the system is as good […]

Biden’s America Is The Safe And Secure America We Need

In less than two months, Americans will make a monumental choice about the future of this country, in the midst of a raging pandemic, record unemployment, and economic turmoil. Americans will choose between two figures, one of whom hails mask-wearing and social-distancing as unnecessary, and another who condemns violence and relies on science to make […]

Rethinking the Role of Television Media in the World of Information

The media have sustained harsh blows in recent years. President Donald Trump’s open hostility toward the media’s reporting is a primary contributor. The state of television media in particular is an unhealthy one. Fox News has been under fire due to its controversies regarding COVID-19 and racial justice. CNN’s headquarters was damaged during racial protests, […]

The Controversies Of The Mail-In Ballot

With no sign of coronavirus disappearing by the November election, the United States has to consider alternatives to the traditional polling station system. The pandemic makes the regular organization of polling stations unsafe. Yet, social distancing requirements reduce the number of voting machines and voters allowed inside a polling place at one time. This produces unreasonably […]

The Insurrection Act Is Mortally Flawed, But The CIVIL Act Can Fix It

The Insurrection Act In 2020 Though the protests surrounding police brutality have mostly de-escalated, the people of this country remember when, just last month, violence erupted in city streets nationwide, often ignited by police forces. As many took to the streets to protest racism in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, President Trump continually threatened […]

The Electoral College Is An Outdated And Unfair Way To Elect Presidents

What Is The Electoral College?  2016 was the most recent election where there was controversy regarding the electoral college. Even though Donald Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million, he won the election because he gained 74 more Electoral College votes. This has only happened four times in America’s history, most of them dating back to the […]

Foreign Aid: Charity For Our Ego

Global poverty comes in many forms. Scars of colonialism, imperialism, and warfare have plunged entire nations into economic ruin. Many wealthier nations see their responsibility, and so claim that they are working to financially empower and uplift the people who have suffered from their policies. Despite the billions of dollars given in aid, poverty, imperialism, […]