What Happened

A single letter may have changed United States history forever. In July of 2018, the world watched as President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill a position in the supreme court. Nearly two month later, Kavanaugh would be investigated by the FBI and accused of numerous sexual assault allegations. This spiraling turn of events was caused by a letter sent from Christine Blasey Ford to Senator Dianne Feinstein informing her on an incident with Kavanaugh several years earlier. Initially not wanting to release this document to the public, Ford turned her decision when the letter was leaked to the media. By Sept. 16, one day before the senate judiciary vote on Kavanaugh, an article was released by the Washington Post stating an accusation was made by Ford about Kavanaugh, claiming that he attempted to rape her at a party in the early 1980’s.


Changing of History

From there, a turn of events would be made in history, and an important question arose: should Kavanaugh be allowed to fill the position in the supreme court with the many sexual allegations against him? Furthermore, many aspects of the case faced come into question such as the amount of evidence against Kavanaugh needed for conviction and the rights of an accused criminal. Although there are many variables to the situation, it is certain that if there is substantial evidence backing up the allegation, then Kavanaugh should not be able to serve in our government because unrecognized criminals should not be able to make decisions for our people or be placed in positions of power.


Was There Proper Evidence or Investigation?

Within the case, the accused crimes are not federal level and would usually be handled by the state or local government. Thus, the investigation made by the government was not extensive enough. The FBI was given one week to reopen Kavanaugh’s background check and with very limited scope, leading to an impractical, inaccurate, and loose investigation of a serious crime. In order for a proper and just decision to be made, further investigation is necessary.


Rights of the Accused

Additionally, the rights of the accused, Brett Kavanaugh, come into question. The rights of the accused are meant to protect the rights of people, but they do not protect the people, especially the women, mistreated by the accused. In other words, Kavanaugh should not be able to represent people, specifically women, if it is proven that he cannot treat them properly. If criminals cannot serve in our government, then severally accused criminals should not be able to serve in the U.S. government.


Where To Go From Here

The ineffective results of the process of the investigation come to alter the future of the United States government and the just rights of men and women. From the outcome of this case, women like Ford are rendered helpless and pushed toward silence due to the lack of gender equity in the government.

As a result of this development, future cases should be further investigated with more time and scope in order to fully be educated on all aspects of the situation. Additionally, the initial investigation of potential government employees should be more extensive to prevent instances such as this case.

Image Attribute: Pixabay