The Victim Card: True Recipients of Harm or Just Crying Wolf?

Introduction The same accountability expected of citizens should apply to aspiring federal judicial and political candidates. Assuming the role of victim does not eradicate past actions or conceal current motivations and perspectives.¬†Throughout the confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh repeatedly attempted to evoke emotional persuasion of the senate through tears and anecdotes of a tarnished reputation and the […]

From Case to Capitol

What Happened A single letter may have changed United States history forever. In July of 2018, the world watched as President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill a position in the supreme court. Nearly two month later, Kavanaugh would be investigated by the FBI and accused of numerous sexual assault allegations. This spiraling turn of […]

Why America Needs a Female President

Hillary Clinton and the Glass Ceiling Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination for president in 2016,¬†making her the first female candidate to be nominated by either party. Although she ultimately lost the presidency, she won the popular vote. This devastating defeat for Clinton has led to an ushering number of women candidates this midterm cycle. […]