Who Is Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein is a successful businessman and a registered sex offender. Recently, Epstein was under the allegation of sexual assaults of multiple women and minors. Due to his close relationship with many influential figures such as Donald Trump, Mort Zuckerman, and Prince Andrew, it is widely believed that Jeffrey Epstein will be able to bail out the court case by using his wealth and connections.


Money Equals Less Jail Time?

More than ten years ago, Epstein was arrested for the sex trafficking of minor girls in Florida and New York. As a result of this, Epstein had to serve only 13 months behind bars. To this day, people wonder how he was able to serve only 13 months for such a major offense when child trafficking cases usually warrant at least 10 years in prison. It is still controversial as to whether Epstein should have served more than 13 months. As of 2019, Epstein has repeated the same category of offense and is going through a trial where he could spend up to 45 years in prison. But the phrase “could spend up to” is used, as it is not certain what type of punishment Epstein will receive, if any at all.


One Day A Week In Jail

During his 13 months in prison, Epstein was given a work release and permitted to leave the prison “six days a week” to attend business affairs. A report from The Week shows, during his prison time, Epstein was “allowed female visitors”, including ones that were under the age of 21. Not only did this infuriate the public, but it also showed a flaw in the United States’ judicial system. Ironically, Epstein was able to serve a much lighter sentence and was not punished appropriately in any way for his actions. Clearly, Epstein has done the crime but not the time.


Ongoing Trial

During Epstein’s recent trial, prosecutors and federal judges merge with public opinion on the issue regarding his recent case. They demand that justice should be brought to Epstein for the innocent women and children that he harassed and assaulted. Regardless of his previous offense, Epstein pleaded not guilty in his recent sex trafficking case. The outcome of the case will determine the integrity of our court system as it will decide whether they will let the guilty man go free.


Conspiracy and Donald Trump

Since the trial of Epstein’s case in 2019, there is a public conspiracy speculating that Donald Trump will use his ability as a president to pardon his friend Epstein. The conspiracy was drawn from Donald Trump’s interview with the New York Time as he states, “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Will Epstein walk out as a free man? It is not certain, but because of his action, Epstein should be put in prison and never allowed to harm any more innocent women or children.


Actions Against Epstein

Fortunately, there are groups and individuals who advocate for justice in Epstein’s child trafficking case. For example, there is a protest group known as the “Hot Mess” holding up signs around the NYC courthouse. They have successfully attracted attention on social media for the public to learn about Epstein’s case. On the other end, there is also a petition made by Tom Arnold to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the release of Epstein’s records and information. If Tom Arnold gets enough signatures, the FBI could release the files of Epstein in response to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). Take part in these actions to make sure Epstein will be locked up behind bars!

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