Do NOT Vote Twice

Recent Events Recently, at an event in North Carolina and on Twitter, President Trump encouraged voters to test the integrity of the election by voting twice. Specifically, President Trump suggested that voters should vote via mail-in ballot and then also go vote at a polling station. He stated that “if the system is as good […]

Biden’s America Is The Safe And Secure America We Need

In less than two months, Americans will make a monumental choice about the future of this country, in the midst of a raging pandemic, record unemployment, and economic turmoil. Americans will choose between two figures, one of whom hails mask-wearing and social-distancing as unnecessary, and another who condemns violence and relies on science to make […]

Why Trump’s Police Reform Mandate Is Not Turning Heads

In case you missed it: Trump issued yet another executive order. This time, on June 16th, 2020. In an effort to curb the ongoing protests, he signed into mandate a ‘police reform’ order. Except, if you bother reading the drawn-out eight pages, it does not say anything substantive. Contrary to what some may argue, this mandate […]

Trump Repeals Essential Environmental Protections

In 2019, President Donald Trump stated that “right now [the United States is] at the cleanest we’ve ever been,” although that year’s State of The Air report recorded an increase of particulate pollution. In 2013, Trump tweeted that “global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax,” but in the eight years since this tweet, […]

Environmental Issues Exist, But Our President Does Not Care

On The Issue Of Climate Change Rising sea levels, shrinking polar ice caps, and increasing global temperatures are all examples of climate change. All of those issues are caused by us, as we burn more fossil fuels for our factories and release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Climate change has caused problems around the […]

Issue With Our Judicial System: We Are Too Soft On Jeffrey Epstein

Who Is Jeffrey Epstein? Jeffrey Epstein is a successful businessman and a registered sex offender. Recently, Epstein was under the allegation of sexual assaults of multiple women and minors. Due to his close relationship with many influential figures such as Donald Trump, Mort Zuckerman, and Prince Andrew, it is widely believed that Jeffrey Epstein will […]

Trump Targets California’s Environmental Regulations

The Trump Administration has placed a target on California’s environmental regulations, yet most Californians have been caught unaware due to a cable news culture that puts more emphasis on profitable stories such as the Russia investigation. What this reveals about Trump is that he does not prioritize the environment. As President, Donald Trump appointed Scott Pruitt, someone […]

Words vs. Actions: Why Donald Trump Is NOT “Putin’s Puppet”

After meeting with Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki Summit, Donald Trump returned to the US to be greeted by the hornet’s nest of media reporters and politicians condemning him for his statements denying Russian interference in US elections. Former CIA director John Brennan lambasted Trump claiming that his statements were “Nothing short of treasonous”. But […]

Russia’s Campaign To Undermine American Democracy is Strengthened By Trump

Intelligence Community On Russia Threat After the 2016 presidential election, Russia was determined to be a threat to voter integrity in the United States by our national intelligence community. Specifically, Russia has been trying to interfere with our democratic process by attempting to hack voting systems across local, state, and federal levels and spreading false information to […]

Trump’s Tariffs: The “America First” Policy that Actually Hurts America

In a recent tweet, President Trump claimed, “Tariffs are the greatest! Either a country which has treated the United States unfairly negotiates a fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs.” But is international trade policy that simple? Are tariffs the solution to trade problems? Studies, economic policy, and most economists say no. However, that […]