Costa Rica, in May 2020, became the first nation in Central America to legalize same-sex marriage. This comes as a rejuvenating whiff of progression for the 21st century audience. But the iota of development with respect to LGBTQ+ rights was welcomed at the cost of personality ridiculing and inhuman blood-shedding over the last century.

Given our current premise, the world is still treading backwards with respect to the Pride Community. Nations in the Middle East continue to write-off same-sex marriage as a sin, while numerous anti-LGBTQ+ groups have mushroomed in the different sectors of the society. Although the world has a long way to go before equality is experienced in its true sense, as conscious individuals, we must relentlessly strive to pave the road for a better future.

The Upheaval-

Gender recognition, gender expression, and sexual orientation are all an exhibition of the interplaying factors of genetics, hormones, psychology, environment, and lifestyle. An outsider thus has no right to meddle in your private life, and as the insider, we have every right to do justice to our life. This echoing mindset led to the Stonewall Inn riots in June 1969 in the U.S., marking the earliest upheaval that changed the face of LGBTQ+ history. Then, in 1990, Ellen DeGeneres came out to the world regarding her sexual orientation. Her coming out opened the doors for millions of closeted individuals who were afraid to live and love their own life. Doing justice to one’s heart is the only legalized action that each and every individual can enforce upon themselves. These events commenced the ceaseless fight for one’s right to unconditional love.

The foundation bricks of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which declared all individuals free and equal in rights and dignity, were truly valued in 2001, when the Netherlands became the first country to authorize same-sex marriage. This initiative by one nation was followed suit by over 30 countries and still counting in the past two decades. The society has thus begun to rise against the merciless conduct towards the LGBTQ+ community. However, equality on paper isn’t equality in spirit, and sadly, our behavior behind closed doors still reflects inhumanity.

The Inhuman Encroachment-

In countries across Africa and Eurasia, same-sex union is still an invitation for death threats. Queers are deprived of the privilege to share their life with a person of their choice, as it’s considered a sin. The U.S. anti-LGBTQ+ group, Liberty Counsel, has condemned the Pride community to be symbols of sexual perversion and examples of self-destructive lifestyle. So does this mean that every rape perpetrator—who is an epitome of sexual perversion—is queer by nature? Well, that’s a loud and clear NO. Demeaning the LGBTQ+ community as perverts or sinners on the basis of their chosen self-identity or sexual orientation is absolutely intolerable.

In India, even after nearly two years of the revocation of Section 377 (British era-law criminalizing same-sex marriage), the Pride Community faces backlashes. They are still demoted at their job, not due to lack of credibility, but on the grounds of being queer. Their right to adopt or opt for surrogacy is snatched away ruthlessly. This translates to say that the LGBTQ+ communities aren’t entitled to have or build their family. These sadistic, shallow minds are ruining the lives of millions of people on a daily basis.

Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience and opinion, right to education and work, and right to life and liberty. A person shouldn’t be compelled to live a double life, to please and adhere to irrational norms set by anonymity.

Acknowledging Human Rights-

The Pride Month is being celebrated internationally, acknowledging the multicolored dimensions of love. Waving the pride flag reassures us that as humans, we are far from being bogged down and are here to improvise people’s petty outlook. On 15th June 2020, the U.S revised their Civil Rights Act, whereby workplace discrimination on the basis of an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identity were deemed illegal. Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, Iceland’s first woman P.M. and the world’s first openly gay officeholder, governed a nation based on her ability and not her personal preferences or relationship status. It is time we see the world from some literal progressive lenses. Public schools in Maryland have taken the grass-root approach of educating the school children about LGBTQ+ history and their rights.

Instilling from an early age the broadened idea of love, humanity, and liberation is the responsibility of every parent and society. This act of fearlessly coming out and giving hope to innumerable lives worldwide is a commendable step taken by various global influencers. Social media, entertainment industry, the sports fraternity, and political leaders are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and giving a strong, encouraging message to the crowds afar. Ultimately, the right to lead your own life, to accept yourself, and to love whomsoever you want is all your birthright, and no one has the authority to seize it.

In Conclusion-

The innocence of a child should be shaped into self-awareness. Let us erase the term “normal” from our expectations, as normalcy is in diversity, and diversity is always perceived erratically. Ridiculing of the different shades of human expression should be barred. Do not color-code your actions or live a fake life for those hypocrites who pretend to dominate us. Instead, strive to build a place where every living being is celebrated for being human and given wings to ever love unapologetically.