Air Pollution: It’s Everywhere

It hangs around the entire planet, and no one can escape it. It is the ultimate weapon of mankind: pollution—air pollution. It is an ever-growing problem affecting practically the whole globe—specifically, India and China—and no one is omitted from blame; in turn, it is everyone’s duty to help resolve air pollution. In India The world-renowned […]

Up in Black Smoke: A Chinese Pollution Problem

China is going through an Industrial Revolution not too different from the European and American Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. This revolution took China from a horrible rural wasteland that it is today. The industrial revolution has occurred so much faster with the technological era that has swept the world in the 21st century, and […]

Air Pollution: Pushing Us Towards One Last Breath

We all breathe. In fact, we don’t actively think when we breathe. The medulla, an area in the brain that is autonomic, controls breathing, cardiac functions, and digestion. If we had to actively think to breathe, we’d be in big trouble. Nevertheless, we are encountering a pandemic: air pollution. Air pollution causes seven million deaths […]