Secessional Clashes: Conflict in Assam Between Bodos and Adivasis

India is a vast region consisting of many different ethnic identities. From North to South, East to West, thousands of different cultures exist, making India an extremely ethnically and culturally diverse area. Like any other land, the people of these individual groups have vastly different ethnic, political, and sometimes religious views. And like any other […]

My Ugly, Wet Eye

“He walked in and I got up and shook his hand and thanked him for coming.” –Jo Berry. Watch: Beyond Right and Wrong I am a Jewish, white kid. I grew up (still growing, hopefully), went to Hebrew school and got a Jewish education. I was taught to be a Zionist, taught to give to […]

Israeli Injustices Toward Palestinian Children

War and conflict between two countries are between the men and women of the nations, not the most vulnerable of contenders: children. In time of conflict, soldiers are meant to protect their nation, not oppress people under the guise of being a possible threat. The children in Palestine, however, are the victims of ridiculous and […]