Disenfranchisement As A Punishment Makes Our Society Less Democratic

Introduction The 2000 United States Presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore saw Bush winning the Presidency by the smallest of margins. The election came down to Florida, where Bush won only 537 more votes than Gore. Whenever elections come down to such a close finish, questions of democratic legitimacy will always arise. […]

McGlockton Incident Highlights Why African-Americans Distrust Police

Markeis McGlockton Incident On July 19, 2018 in Clearwater, Florida, Markeis McGlockton, an African-American man, was at a convenience store with his five-year-old son when he saw Michael Drejka, a white man, berating his girlfriend over a parking spot. So, Markeis McGlockton confronted Michael Drejka over the matter by shoving him to the ground. However, […]

A War Zone At Home: The Dangers of Police Militarization

Introduction It is the general consensus that the military and the police force are two separate entities, one fights wars and one busted your cousin for having weed on school property. However, the line between the two is slowly blurring through the militarization of the police. This increasing lack of distinction does not protect the American […]