How Are Transgender People Suffering Dreadfully Due To Violence?

Transgender people should be protected by the justice system instead of being seen as a threat. The crimes against transgender people need to be recognized more and there needs to be helpful assistance to help stop the ongoing violence. Each Month Covers A Death Multiple transgender people have been killed each month in a year […]

The Interview is Banned: Will We be Stuck Watching Mediocre Movies?

As a nation that was built upon the Freedom of Speech since 1776, the United States is now facing serious condemnation after many theaters have chosen to ban the release of “The Interview”, which was set to premiere on Christmas day. At first, there were just empty threats coming from North Korea regarding the film […]

No! Me First: The Battle Over Net Neutrality

Internet service works pretty simply. You pay a company like Verizon, Time Warner, or Comcast and the company gives you access to the Internet through a router or through Ethernet cables. You connect to the network and you browse the web. From United for Social Change to Google, the current model supports both the smaller and […]

Tear Down This Wall: The “Great Firewall”

Great FIreWall

If you go into the average American household, one of the first things that you will see is a computer or some form of technology that can access the Internet such as a phone or tablet. While some people still do not have this technology due to financial differences, the majority do. Every day, people […]