Extreme Weather Brings Light Towards Combating Homelessness

Introduction While many think that homelessness is rooted in modern-day problems, it commenced in America during the dawn of our new world. We can trace homelessness back to Colonial day America where beggars and outcasts were commonly found on the side of the road. Wars and revolutions then transpired, only causing the rates of homelessness […]

Staying At Home When There Is None

No Place To Go  With so much happening in our world today, the news can be overwhelming as well as misleading. Inaccurate information compared with reality’s reports reveal the roots of inequity that grip the widespread American issue of homelessness, which has only worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, shelters are inadequate to […]

Congress Must Work To Prevent The Imminent Eviction Crisis

The Homeless Are More Vulnerable To COVID-19 In the midst of this pandemic, one group is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19: America’s homeless population. Those without a shelter or roof over their head are at increased risk of contracting and spreading the coronavirus; stay-at-home orders are, quite clearly, unhelpful to those who are homeless. Right now, […]