The Virtual Divide: Online vs. In-Person Learning in Fall 2020

As schools begin to reopen or begin virtual teaching this fall, institutions face the difficult decision of whether or not they should hold in-person classes. Private schools possess higher funds and more resources to enforce safety precautions that enable students to physically attend school each day, putting students enrolled in private institutions at an advantage. […]

A Recipe For Disaster: College Campuses Set To Reopen For The Fall Semester

Spring 2020 was an unprecedented semester for colleges and college students, as the coronavirus sent students home from campus very suddenly at the beginning of March. Schools were forced to quickly prepare a distance learning plan to continue their semester, while many students stressed over a lack of resources necessary for remote classes. It was […]

Effects of Education on Empowerment

Discrimination is abusive behavior in all forms; however, it is at its worst when it lies between men and women prescribing predetermined gender roles. One of the most prominent cases of a country struggling with the competing dynamics of development, modernization, religion, and tradition is indeed Pakistan, the sixth most populous country on earth. The […]