Understanding Rape Apology and Dismantling Rape Myths

Tw: Rape, Discussion of sexual abuse. Rape. Rapist. Rape Apologists. These have been in the headlines recently, and if you are even closely human, there is a wedge of steaming anger in your heart about the frequency of rape cases and the pervasiveness of rape culture. Unfortunately for many sexual assault survivors, news about rape […]

A Rebellion of Shoulders and Knees: Dress Codes Finally Getting Criticized

As the warm weather season approaches, school administrators across the United States and Canada seem to have a new goal: enforcing the dress code.  Girls all-over are being sent home or reprimanded for wearing leggings, yoga pants, sleeveless shirts, and other “revealing” items of clothing.  In Quebec, a girl was reprimanded and criticized for wearing […]

Dirty Chocolate Over Condoms: Why Abstinence-Only Education Fails America

According to sex education classrooms across America, people who have sex are dirty chocolate, used tape, chewed-up gum, cups of spit, roses without petals. Once teenagers participate in sexual intercourse, they somehow lose value and worth, being someone their “future husband” or “future wife” would not want.  Instead of extensively discussing the use of condoms, […]