The Child’s Burden

The concept of innocence is not a complicated one, but it is the innocent who often find themselves in numerous complications – too much for individuals to dare claim their world has even grasped the idea of achieving any kind of social justice. The innocents of this world suffer on the watch of both the […]

Freedom of Expression in Pakistan

When an individual thinks about the capabilities of the human mind, they are likely to be astounded by the seemingly infinite possibilities. In the words of James D. Watson, “The brain boggles the mind.” The mere fact that the brain can conceive such differing thoughts is what drives the world forward. The vast diversity of […]

Lessons Learned from Malala

“I came from a country that was created at midnight.” In the dead of the night she held the ingredients of change. At the crack of dawn she brew a revolution. “When I almost died it was just after midday.” By the evening her courage had upset the balance of Pakistan in the favor of […]