Kya Dekh Rahe Ho?

The history concerning the treatment of women in India is appalling, but it is no better today. It was clear to me, after living in New York for 16 years, that visiting India would be full of obstacles: the biggest one being sexism. Watching my two brothers and father fight with men on the street […]

Saudi Women Gain Right to Vote: Still Need Permission

When we think of Saudi Arabia, the image that comes to mind is an oppressive monarchy, with almost negligible rights for women. While that isn’t far from true, an announcement made a few days back by King Salman might be the first step towards a more liberal system. Although it was promised by King Abdullah […]

The Curious Case of Female Exclusion in Feluda

The stories of Feluda – the pet name and the more recognized name of Pradosh Chandra Mitter – are a literary staple for every child growing up in Bengal as well as grown-up Bengalis. A legendary creation from the legendary Satyajit Ray, the sleuth’s appeal lies in his traits of intelligence, dexterity and wit amalgamated with […]