Despite all the recent support in favor of climate change legislation, the House of Representatives demanded the Pentagon to not finance climate change legislation. Though the Pentagon supported new legislation, military hawks in the House refused to designate some of their precious military spending to go towards new climate change initiatives. These security warmongers are displacing an existential threat that will cause massive flooding and droughts with an arms race. We have enough weapons; now is time to blow out the candle, before the wax really starts to affect us.

The Obama Administration has pushed hard for climate change reforms: from requiring new fuel standards for trucks to carbon limits on coal plants. And, while both of these reforms are necessary they are both similar in that they can only reduce future emissions. The weather changes are already happening. Yes, U.S.-Russia relations may need to be improved, but improvements in foreign relations do not require billions in consistent funding. We are not in an armed conflict with neither Russia, nor the climate. Still, the changing climate is our fiercest enemy if we cannot slow its rate. Though Russia doesn’t really care all that much about climate change, we should.

Increased temperatures are hitting us in a new way: a lack of water. People in California are really just having a bad year. From forest fires to ground separating earthquakes, California has experienced Mother Nature’s wrath. What’s new though, is a lack of water. Record highs have caused California to witness immense water shortages. Residents must ration water, ensuring that no water is wasted. In fact, some cities have resorted to hiring water cops whose sole purpose is to prevent water waste.

It is good to prevent problems. In a world with nuclear weapons, it may be necessary for a country to have an artillery at its disposal. Still, that doesn’t mean we should ignore problems that are happening right now. Climate change is probably human-caused, but it’s also human-reversible. If we don’t blow the candle out, it will burn us–literally and figuratively.

[Image Attribute: christine zenino via Compfight cc]