America’s Freedom Narrative is Making COVID-19 Catastrophe Worse

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has been catching the world by storm these last few months, forever changing social life as we know it. Surprisingly, the United States of America is the country most heavily affected by the virus and struggling the most at combating it. Many can blame the president and government, which is completely […]

The Interview is Banned: Will We be Stuck Watching Mediocre Movies?

As a nation that was built upon the Freedom of Speech since 1776, the United States is now facing serious condemnation after many theaters have chosen to ban the release of “The Interview”, which was set to premiere on Christmas day. At first, there were just empty threats coming from North Korea regarding the film […]

Letting the Candle Burn: House Prefers Weapons Over Earth

Despite all the recent support in favor of climate change legislation, the House of Representatives demanded the Pentagon to not finance climate change legislation. Though the Pentagon supported new legislation, military hawks in the House refused to designate some of their precious military spending to go towards new climate change initiatives. These security warmongers are […]

Live Blog: Minimum Wage Developments

As the entire nation is being swept up in a storm over the national minimum wage, certain states and other jurisdictions are taking their own steps to combat income inequality and poverty. [Image Attribute: Denis Bocquet via Compfight cc]

No! Me First: The Battle Over Net Neutrality

Internet service works pretty simply. You pay a company like Verizon, Time Warner, or Comcast and the company gives you access to the Internet through a router or through Ethernet cables. You connect to the network and you browse the web. From United for Social Change to Google, the current model supports both the smaller and […]