Shark Sightings In The Gulf Of Maine Warn of Future Climate Change

Last month, the first fatal shark attack in Maine’s history occurred only 20 yards off the coast of Bailey Island in Harpswell, Maine. Not only did this event close many of Maine’s beaches and slow tourism in coastal towns, but it also presented a frightening vision of Maine’s future– one where a warming Gulf of […]

Why Fracking Does Much More Harm Than Good

Introduction Hydraulic fracking has become of increased importance in past presidential elections, and remains of importance going into this fall’s election season. This practice, simply referred to as “fracking,” is the “process of injecting liquid and materials at high pressure to create small fractures within tight shale formations to stimulate the production and safely extract […]

How Indigenous Involvement in Environmental Politics Can Better Our Climate

Intersecting with the great demand for climate change reform comes the even greater need to initiate solutions on part of the indigenous community. With indigenous land ownership encompassing 22% of the world’s surface and overlapping with 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity, the wellbeing of Native peoples is reflective of the wellbeing of the environment itself, […]

A Critical Moment For Coronavirus And Climate Change

The Similarities  The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly a pressing public health crisis, but it is not the only urgent global issue. Climate change has been impacting the globe for decades, and as its effects continue to worsen each year, the world is quickly running out of time to deal with it. While the world suddenly […]

We Need A Green New Deal Now More Than Ever

INTRODUCTION Do not let the current state of carbon emissions fool you. Due to worldwide limited use of fossil fuels, airplanes, and ships because of the global shutdowns caused by the coronavirus epidemic, carbon dioxide emissions have plummeted in the past few months. In some cities, smog drifted away from the atmosphere, making it appear […]

Climate Change: The Importance of our Future

The phones we use, how we warm up our house, the use of our stove: It is essentially all contributing to greenhouse gases that permit the carbon dioxide that stores heat on the Earth. Climate change is a major problem that is affecting all forms of life on Earth. Over the years, the increase in […]

Understanding the Impact Of U.S Carbon Footprint in Urban Settings

Climate Change in Our Community Climate change is the number one issue facing us today, yet we do not fully recognize the consequences of climate change and how to take it seriously. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a large majority of actively publishing climate scientists, around 97 percent, agree that individuals are creating global […]

Effect of Climate Change on Coral Reefs and Humans

Introduction Dr. David Vaughan, a scientist and manager at the Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration, has defined coral reef as “a ridge or mound of limestone, the upper surface of which is near the surface of the sea and which is formed of calcium carbonate by the actions of organisms, chiefly […]

Third Mass Bleaching Event For The Great Barrier Reef Since 2015

Introduction The Great Barrier Reef has undergone its most widespread bleaching event in history. This is the third mass bleaching event to occur in the past five years, indicating the immensely destructive effects of climate change. Despite climate change deniers’ minimization of the event’s severity, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef is a serious issue […]

Rallying Behind Greta Thunberg

Climate Change: Just Sixteen Months to Save the World The next sixteen months will shape our, and the earth’s, future.  BBC reports several facts about climate change that inform this deadline. Our carbon dioxide emissions need to be cut by 45% by 2030 in order to keep the rise in temperature under 1.5 degrees Celsius in […]