The ‘Great Resignation’ Is A Good Thing

You’ve probably heard of the Great Resignation. In just 2021, 47 million people quit their jobs, and millions continue to quit each month. But people aren’t quitting because they’re lazy or they don’t want to work, they’re quitting because they are taking back their life from jobs that don’t respect them. So let’s talk about […]

The Urgent Need for Youth Representation

Why do we need Youth representation in government? Now more than ever, there are many huge questions facing our country, and often, it feels like there are no good answers. But there may be a place where we can find answers: young people. Now, you may think, “Why do we even need people younger than […]

Red Light On Free Speech, Green Light on Tyranny

Recently, three schools outside of Syracuse, New York banned Halloween costumes referencing the Netflix show Squid Game because of their “potentially violent message”. This isn’t even the first time. Schools have been censoring “violence” in pop culture since pop culture was a thing. Before, it was the Scream mask and Freddy Krueger. Now, it is […]

False Balance: How Always Being Objective Makes Media Less Truthful

What is false balance? One YouTube comment on a video about normalcy bias, asks, “Why do they care how journalists talk?” I care how journalists talk because it is their job to be trusted gatekeepers of truth. There’s something threatening this responsibility. False balance, as described by The Guardian’s David Robert Grimes, is “when journalists […]