The Dangers of Unidentified Law Enforcement

Current Use of Unidentified Police Forces In the first week of June, armed agents were deployed in Lafayette Square, Washington, DC to disperse protesters. The incident incited public outcry not only due to the use of force against peaceful protesters, but also the fact that none of the agents had visible identification, such as name […]

The Insurrection Act Is Mortally Flawed, But The CIVIL Act Can Fix It

The Insurrection Act In 2020 Though the protests surrounding police brutality have mostly de-escalated, the people of this country remember when, just last month, violence erupted in city streets nationwide, often ignited by police forces. As many took to the streets to protest racism in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, President Trump continually threatened […]

The Electoral College Is An Outdated And Unfair Way To Elect Presidents

What Is The Electoral College?  2016 was the most recent election where there was controversy regarding the electoral college. Even though Donald Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million, he won the election because he gained 74 more Electoral College votes. This has only happened four times in America’s history, most of them dating back to the […]

Foreign Aid: Charity For Our Ego

Global poverty comes in many forms. Scars of colonialism, imperialism, and warfare have plunged entire nations into economic ruin. Many wealthier nations see their responsibility, and so claim that they are working to financially empower and uplift the people who have suffered from their policies. Despite the billions of dollars given in aid, poverty, imperialism, […]

ICE Should Not Have The Authority To Separate Families

What Has Been Happening As of 2019, there have been numerous ICE raids targeting illegal immigrants. The immigrants took up poorly paid jobs and hoped for a better future for their family. Undocumented families hide constantly from immigration authorities in fear of deportation. Recently, there was an ICE Raid on the Mississippi food processing plants which […]

High Risk, Little Reward: Analyzing The Calls To Impeach Donald Trump

Introduction In the wake of the second Democratic debate, calls for the impeachment of President Donald Trump echo across America. Dissatisfied citizens cling to the Democratic candidates’ promises of removing Trump from office, promises that have evolved into a war cry in the early stages of the 2020 elections. However, given the history of impeachment […]

General Electric: A Company Headed in the Wrong Direction

From Thomas Edison To A Multinational Conglomerate By definition, a conglomerate is a combination of different businesses operating in diverse industries under a single corporate group. General Electric started with the purpose of selling household appliances and later transformed into a multinational conglomerate. As of 2019, General Electric plays a major role in a variety […]

Environmental Issues Exist, But Our President Does Not Care

On The Issue Of Climate Change Rising sea levels, shrinking polar ice caps, and increasing global temperatures are all examples of climate change. All of those issues are caused by us, as we burn more fossil fuels for our factories and release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Climate change has caused problems around the […]

Gilroy Garlic Festival: Another Mass Shooting

The Shooting The Gilroy Garlic Festival is a food festival held annually in Gilroy, California. Such a fun family event took a sharp and horrible turn. This year during the festival, there was a surprise attack: 19 year old Santino William Legan killed “three people, including a 13-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy, and [wounded] at […]

The Debate Over Asking “Are You a Citizen?” On The 2020 Census

The New Question For the last couple of weeks, the executive office has been pushing for a new question to be added to the census that will be conducted in 2020. The administration wants to ask, “Are you a citizen?”, a question that many say has a political agenda behind it. The GOP has pressed […]