“Pro-Life”? Give Me a Break

Introduction Conservatives love to talk about being “pro-life.” By that, they mean that they are opposed to abortion (The partisan gap in views on this issue is wider than ever.) Republicans claim that abortion is murder. I strongly disagree with that view, but I respect their stance; people are free to disagree on controversial issues. […]

The Necessity of Safe and Accessible Abortion Services

The Fight Over Abortion in the US Before the mid-1800s, pre-quickening abortions (conducted before the mother felt fetal movements), were a common procedure among women of all backgrounds. However, concerns over safety drove medical practitioners to advocate for anti-abortion laws in the mid-1800s. The 1873 passing of the Comstock Law prohibited the sale or distributing […]

A Reprehensible New Abortion Restriction Law Passes In Tennessee.

A New TN Pro-life Law On June 19th, Tennessee passed a new law that placed outrageous restrictions on people’s ability to access safe, legal abortions, becoming one of the latest states to do so. The bill is one of the latest ‘heartbeat bills’, mainly looking to ban all abortions after 6 weeks. The law reflects […]